Tuesday, August 7, 2007

What Did I Think of That Fellini Movie?

So I guess I just watched Fellini's "8 1/2." That should look more like a 'and a half' than it does, I mean I guess it just looks like "eight one slash two," which doesn't make any sense. Regardless: I thought the movie was okay. Visually, there were numerous moments that I enjoyed a lot, and the film was consistently nice to look at. Unfortunately I had a hard time giving a shit about anything that was going on during the movie, due in part to the temperature of the room I was in, the size of the screen the movie was being shown on, and the time of day I was watching it. I guess what you need to know is that you should make sure you are very comfortable when you try to watch a Fellini movie. In conclusion the woman who played the main character's wife had glasses that made her extremely attractive.

UPDATE TO THIS STORY: I just got charged FOUR FUCKING DOLLARS in library late fees for this movie. HERE IS THE THING: I did not check it out, NZ did. She checked it out under my name, and then checked it in LATE, despite having the power to backdate it GOD DAMN IT FELLINI, NZ I AM AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE MILDLY UPSET WITH YOU UNTIL YOU PAY ME FOUR DOLLARS.

Stay tuned for more movie reviews in the future, and eventually some information about typewriters.

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