Saturday, August 4, 2007

Here is Some Advice #1

If you feel like falling asleep at around half-past five on a warm summer evening, well, don’t. You might wake up two hours later with a disorienting headache and a very sad song stuck in your head. The house you wake up in will probably be empty, and after you’ve wandered from room to room for a few minutes you’ll have to start thinking of ways to make yourself feel better, but they won’t work. Even a plate of Oreos and a cold glass of milk on the front porch won’t help. Trust me.

Anyway, that’s some advice.


alex said...

what about ice cream? will that help?

Miles D said...

Ice cream's effectiveness in such situations is untested, though I theorize that it would be equally ineffective as Oreos, as the terrible feeling I experienced is probably like cancer in that it simply has to run its course.