Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Comic From The Past

As is standard for a Saturday night, I was rummaging around through old folders and notebooks in the cabinet of my desk when I came across four panels of information that were generated approximately 360-some odd days ago, but remains relentlessly relevant even today. I don't believe I've shared this with the internet - a cursory glance through this site's archives yields nothing - so while it's certainly not my best work, I think the last panel alone is strong enough to warrant its dissemination. Now, a year after it was drawn, it is robbed of the context that would have been essentially meaningless to all but two people aside from myself. This improves matters, I think.

What Movies Did I Watch Last Week?

Starting from February 14th and ending an hour and a half or so ago, at 11:59 pm on the night of Saturday 2/21. I am comfortable saying that this is the highest density movie watching week I've had, moreso than any week during the contest of summer 2007.

52. Casablanca 2/14 *****
53. Alien trespass 2/15 (t) ***
54. It came from outer space 2/15 (t) ***
55. Chrysalis 2/15 (t) *
56. Logan's run 2/15 (t) ****
57. Runaway 2/15 (t) ****
58. Alien Raiders 2/15 (t) ***
59. The thing from another world 2/15 (t) ***
60. Repo Man 2/16 (t) ****
61. Invasion of the body snatchers 2/16 (t) ****
62. Killer Klowns from outer Space 2/16 (t) ***
63. Transformers 2/16 (t) *
64. I married a monster from outer space 2/16 (t) *
65. Stark Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn 2/16 (t) ***
66. Fanboys (t) 2/17 *
67. The Enforcer 2/17 ***
68. Sudden Impact 2/18 ****
69. The Dead Pool 2/19 ****
70. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot 2/20 **
71. Midnight Meat Train 2/20 ****
72. Owning Mahowny 2/21 ****
73. The Class 2/21 (t) ***
74. Angel Heart 2/21 ****

Total: 23

The numbers indicate both the order in which the movies were watched, and act as a running tabulation of movies I've viewed since January 1st 2009. Did I mention the one-a-day-average-movie-challenge-09 here? I don't think I did, though now I have seeing as it's exactly what it sounds like. Star ratings are on a scale of 1-5, and a "(t)" indicates that the movie was watched in a theater. Numbers 53-65 were watched in the span of 24 hours at the Boston Sci-Fi Marathon.

Now you Know.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Did the Weather do Somewhere Else?
Places I Used to Live Keep Getting Fucked Up

You may recall (or, more likely, not recall) that in June of last year the city in which I spent the first (almost) ten years of my life got terribly flooded on. Now, as of a couple days ago, a more recent ex-town of mine has been Attacked by God Himself. Listen: part of me - the sensible, higher-level-reasoning part of me - is glad that I was not still around when swirling laser-winds of death descended from the heavens upon part of my old neighborhood and (more lethally) on some bullshit town down south that I'd never heard of and don't care about. There is, however, a strong nagging sense of having missed out on one of the Main Things that will probably happen around there for awhile, as well as the knowledge that I could have a way better tornado story than my current-and-only "one time when I was 17 I cut class and drove home from school in the violent downpour of a supercell while a wall cloud was lowering just half a mile away, and my mom was pissed at me for 2 reasons when I got home."

Anyway, Please enjoy the rest of this post, which is comprised entirely of pictures from my old neighborhood, a kind of place I don't like having to explain to people I've met since graduating high school, since being honest about it usually winds up in desperately and carefully apologizing for its gated-communityness, its attachment to a golf course, and all the things such a format and juxtaposition bring to mind.

photos courtesy of Brenda(?) who emailed them to my mom, and who needs to turn off that timestamp feature because we live in a digital fucking age in which metadata renders neon orange save-the-dates wildly obsolete.