Monday, March 24, 2008

What Went Wrong this Easter?

I will tell you: I did not eat a single Cadbury brand Creme Egg this Easter season of 2008. This is not for want of trying or lack of opportunity - I visited two CVS stores today (Sunday) and one the previous day, but all searches of their shelves proved fruitless*. I would have gone to a Grocery store or a more Reputable Confectionery had I the time, but I was busy being a human being who doesn't expect to have to buy his God Damn Easter Candy in Advance I'm Sorry. Would that I could raze this city to the ground for this (as I see it) slight against The Lord's Tradition, but I know in my hollow heart-cavity of hollow heart-cavities that the machinations of this catastrophe were of my own design, and that is the bitterest egg of all to have to swallow.

*I did find a few Cadbury Orange Creme Eggs, which is a lot like coming home from sleep-away camp to find that, in your absence, your whole family has packed up and moved away, leaving only a note on the front door that reads "sorry," and on the back of which is written "that nobody will ever fucking love you for as long as you disgrace the planet with breath in your lungs."

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why Am I Going to New York?

You might already know my general sentiments towards the Empire State's main city and its surrounding nebula of Paved Areas, and if that is the case you are probably surprised to find that I am returning to That Place, just as you might have been surprised the Last Time it Happened. If you don't, the previous link should illuminate things in harsh, harsh words. The question is obvious: why would I go back there?

The (approximately two) answers I have to that question are not good, so I will not share them with you, unless one of them turns out, over the course of the trip, to have been right enough to justify the minimal bus fare and maximum hassle involved with what's to come (regardless of how matters go I am guaranteed two cool things). Don't worry - I've packed everything I'll need: tooth paste, my Swiss Army knife, and twice as much money as a person ought to need to last 4 days in order to buy food and T-shirts that prove to strangers the fact that I've been somewhere. What's ultimately important is that I may or may not wind up have information about the journey to share with you in the form of one of my world-renown travelogues. You're welcome, in advance.


Here is some Information about how I spent a fraction of my weekend.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Today is My Brother's Birthday

That is the main fact of today. Despite raised eyebrows from the small but vocal minority that remains skeptical of his existence, I sent him a brief and to-the-point email wishing him a good birthday. If you see my brother in the two hours that remain of his birthday please congratulate him. If you see him tomorrow tell him you are sorry to have missed his birthday but that you hope it went well. Thank you.

Soon: Information that pertains to You Personally.

Monday, March 3, 2008

El Triste, El Verdad

I don't think either of us are worried about the way this blog is slowly turning into a gallery of things I draw in class.