Thursday, July 12, 2007

Unreasonable Demands

Look, here is what I want right now:

Wait. I'll get to that in a second. Let me let you know some things first, unimportant things. Right now it is gross just to be me, moreso than usual even - it is very humid in the room I am in, and the room I am in has the misfortune of containing a pretty bad-smelling incarnation of myself. That's too bad, and it's an influence on what I want right now. Another influence is the dream I woke up from this (yesterday) morning (afternoon) which was pretty mundane save for the fact that it was set in the past though I retained my knowledge of the future. Usually this would be an incredible power, but I found myself unable to actually take said knowledge into account when making decisions. The net result of all this was that I wound up being pretty bummed out in the dream, a sensation that carried over into wakefulness. So, Here is what I want right now:
  1. To be in the car I used to have (the car does not have a name, if you were curious)
  2. To be driving that car across a standard issue straight and deserted country road
  3. To be singing along to music that is coming from the car's stereo
  4. Someone else is in the car
  5. There are fireworks in the trunk of the car
  6. Pretty soon it will get dark
  7. Not long after the fireworks will go sailing into the air
  8. It is three years ago
To be fair I got pretty close to completing this list. Anyway.