Saturday, July 14, 2007

Here is Why I am Glad that Pigeon was Ground into Paste

For awhile now a couple of pigeons have been calling the upstairs front porch and its nearby roof-areas home. At no time have I been okay with this. The pigeons make noise constantly, especially in the morning when the sun is up and I am supposed to be asleep. There is a constant cooing murmur, along with scuffling noises that come from an inexplicable desire the birds have to root around and mess with what may or may not be a hole in the Place’s roof. I hate these birds. Others seem to have opinions much closer to 'neutral' on the matter of these birds. That is not what is important right now. What is important is that a smashed pigeon appeared on the road this morning, the corpse so fresh that it sent up feathers every time a car drove by or over it. I am certain that this is one of the two problematic birds I have been loathing for the past month. I am glad it is not alive anymore. I imagine the surviving bird will have to move somewhere else in order to escape whatever grief for which its minute and primitive brain has the capacity. Good. Quiet

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