Saturday, May 31, 2008

What did We Find at the Airport?

It is too much for words, so I am not going to try to use them to describe the majesty. Please, behold:

Alright, take a moment to really absorb what's depicted above.

Okay. There are a number things worth noting, and a few questions:

  • A cactus with sunglasses appears on every completed page
  • The cactus with sunglasses is not the narrator
  • The credited author is Willowbelly Conbreast. Willowbelly Conbreast!
  • The Gliding Spider Wheelchair: organic or not?
  • While obviously incomplete, the book is stapled and numbers 30 pages
  • What is the significance of the Canoe Ride?
  • In the first non-cover illustration the narrator appears to be holding open his coat, which contains scissors, a hammer, and an unidentified object that could be either wrenches or a plasma lamp.

I encourage any and all readers to share their thoughts/speculations/reactions about/regarding/to this remarkable find. Thank you. YOU'RE WELCOME

p.s. - or - I can't stop thinking about this.

We googled everything in this text - Willowbelly Conbreast, gliding-spider-wheelchairs, hidden shows at bonfires, Eh·o'nites, canoe ride uncertainty - all to no avail. We picked apart every page looking for clues, debating aspects of every illustration, and questioning the motives and reliability of our narrator. I know that this story has remarkable potential, and I hope that by some internet miracle we are able to establish contact with Mr. or Ms Conbreast. If such hopes go unfulfilled, however, can I in good conscience continue what has been started?


Phil said...

I really want to

DTippin said...

I'm pretty sure you have an obligation to

cBrodt said...

Do or do not do

alex said...

you could try to get it published as is. a lot famous authors have unfinished works published so why not Willowbelly Conbreast?