Friday, April 4, 2008

Here is a Robot

In the stead of any better, more actual Information that I might have to provide for you. Now is not the best time for Information - and neither was the last week, if this website is any indication (and it is).

About the Robot: As might be obvious to the moderately trained eye, it is not complete. Also, it is in kind of an ugly ink-gone-vector-filter-terrozone, for which I will make no apologies. This robot turned 4 on February 19th of this year, meaning that it has been alive for longer than I care to think about. Also, while determining its age (by finding the scan of the original drawing which was done during both AP U.S. History and AP Biology - no you may not see it here) I realized that I have forgotten a lot of its details and also reversed its arms. It does not have a name.


alex said...

nice use of pens. i do believe i was sitting to the left of you at this time.

Anonymous said...