Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What kind of Tuesday is Today?

Listen: it is not easy to be me, ever. Today, however, it is especially not easy to be me, and here’s why: that PC from those smug commercials has just released a book that does what this blog is supposed to do, only it does it more eloquently, in print, and to a greater degree than I do. God damn him.

He's even interested in exactly the same things I am, the joke is that I have already heard this item.

Oh well, right? At least I’ve got one thing he doesn’t: drawings of robots.


muffin said...

alt-text for robot pix plz

Mordecai said...

Leaving-Town-Bot's head hangs at a precise angle of 46 degrees and 3 minutes. His sigh is at the maximum amount of wistfulness that titanium alloys can contain. His held-back tears are real, obtained through barely legal means.