Sunday, December 9, 2007

Two Forty-Three A.M.

Just now a car drove past The Place. I could hear the techno music the car's stereo was playing loud and clear despite the fact that I am one floor up and one wall removed from the street. I can only assume all the doors and windows of the car were up and closed, as it is 29 degrees outside. This means that anyone in the car is experiencing a terrible genre of music at a tremendous volume, two factors that when combined present a serious danger to the listener's ears and numerous theoretical dangers to regions of their brain and soul. Do you think that man can create circumstances that even God finds intolerable?


Muffin MacGuffin said...

I think that basically every circumstance created by man would be intolerable to God. I mean, come on.

alex said...

what makes you think god doesn't like blasting techno?

Miles D said...

He might have, back in Old Testament days when it would have been a kind of punishment. As a recreational activity of personal enjoyment though? I cannot imagine.