Monday, October 15, 2007

Here is My To-Do List

In case you had a burning curiosity regarding what things I feel are important to get done. There will be no order, be it alphabetical, priority, logistical or otherwise.

  1. Finish That Thing
  2. Finish The Other Thing
  3. Fed-Ex The Broken Thing
  4. Prepare for A Different Thing
  5. Buy Food
  6. Finish A Different God Damned Thing
  7. Get Started on a Thing
  8. New Shirt, Get?
  9. Mail That Thing
  10. Address A Thing (not related to #9)
  11. Haircut
  12. More Stuff
  13. Carve Jack O'Lantern (time permitting)
  14. Read Those Things
  15. Finish To-Do List


Sarah said...

I maybe lost a thing I'm supposed to send you. I'll keep you posted. I am mostly stating this in hopes that it will in some way jog my memory as to where I put's not working.

Miles D said...

Where is that Thing I requested?